What's happening in the Gear4Guys world?  Here's where you'll find all the info.

We'll keep you up to date on NEW VENDORS as they come on board.  We'll let you know about UPCOMING EVENTS. We want you to come and check us out at every opportunity (sounds dirty but you know what we mean).  The more involved you are, the better the experience. 

The Gear4Guys sales team is visiting the best shops in Calgary to start getting AWESOME Vendors for our members!  We are looking for the stores that guys want to shop at.  Got a suggestion for us?  Send it to sales@gear4guys.com 

MEMBERSHIP CARDS ARE ON SALE NOW.  Make sure you get your card soon.  Experience the difference at Gear4Guys!!

We would like to thank those people who have supported us and already bought their friends and family card.  We have been out meeting with some great Vendors and will be making some announcements in the future.  We want to get a number lined up and then we will have an official launch and release all the info at once.  However!  That all said we thought we would reward you with some good news and a way to use your membership now. 

So the question is.........Do you like movies?? Well from now on Gear4Guys members can pre-buy their tickets directly from us and save on every movie!  At the door pricing is $12.50 per person, and pre-buy from Gear4Guys now for only $8.50 per person.  It won't take long to more than make up the price of your Gear4Guys card at savings like that!   All passes are good at any Empire Theaters:


• Single use admission tickets (Admit One)

• Valid 7 days a week - some restrictions apply

• Maximum 24-month expiry

• Surcharge will apply for RealD 3D presentations

• Can be used for Pass-Restricted movies 

Buy yours today!  Send an email to sales@gear4guys.com for more details.